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                          League rules of play



Agreed changes to the Blackball rule set for use during league ties and competitions organised by the Isle of Bute Pool league


Blackball rule No.4 - Commencment of the game 

For the purposes of the Isle of Bute Pool League the break will be decided by the 'lag'. The 'lag' will be carried out for each and every frame to determine who breaks. This applies to all league and team competition matches. The only exceptions being singles and doubles competitions were the 'lag' will only be carried out at the start of the tie, with the break alternating thereafter.

Blackball rule No.8(a) - Time Foul

For the purposes of the Isle of Bute Pool League games the 'Time foul' rule will not be in force.

Scotch Doubles - Summary of rules


Scotch Doubles was on trial during the 2012/13 league season and is now with a few amendments to be used during all League, Cup, Shield and Open doubles matches.

Scotch doubles is played as the name suggests between two teams of two players. The object of the game is to legally pot all of one set of balls followed by the black to win. The difference between normal doubles and Scotch doubles is that players must play alternate shots and continue to do so as long as a legal ball or balls have been pocketed. Should a foul be committed or a player fails to pocket a ball, play passes to the opposition.

1.  Lag for break.
2.  The winner of the lag can choose to break or pass the break to their opponents.
3.  Players take alternate turns to play.
4.  If a player pockets a legal ball or balls, play passes to his/her team mate and this continues as long as a legal ball or balls are pocketed.
5.  A team loses control of the table if: no ball is pocketed or a foul is committed in each case play will pass to the opposition.
6.  Playing out of turn or taking more than one shot is a standard foul. In these circumstances the correct order of play will resume.
7.  The game ends with the black being legally pocketed.
8.  Communication verbal or otherwise between team players is NOT permitted while that team is in control of the table. (Other than immediately after the break).
9.  Should communication verbal or otherwise take place the referee will award a standard foul to the opposing team for each infringement.
10. Blackball rules apply in all other circumstances.


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