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The Isle of Bute is situated on the west coast of Scotland approximately 30 miles west of Glasgow and 6 miles north of the Isle of Arran on the Clyde estuary. To get here you need to take a ferry from Wemyss Bay to Rothesay our main town or cross on a smaller ferry from Colintraive to Rhuboadach at the north end of the island some 8 miles from Rothesay.

The Isle of Bute Pool League has been in existence since the mid 70's. In the early days rules of play were a hand written affair and unsurprisingly difficult to make head or tail of. Over the years we have adopted and followed various rule sets, but these days however we follow the Scottish Pool Association 'Blackball' rule set, and I personally think they are the best rule set around. We play on varying sizes of pub pool tables dictated somewhat due to the room available, and as much as I would like tournament size tables here there are few venues able to accommodate them.

Our season usually starts mid October or early November and is traditionally played on Thursday nights. The current season has one league consisting of 11 teams, 6 to a team, not too bad for a small island. In years gone by there were easily more than double that number and for one or two years we actually ran three leagues (A real nightmare if you were doing the fixtures). The season usually concludes at the end of May beginning of June. Additional to the league we hold six other competitions 'The Shield' which is played over the course of the league itself, 'The Champion of Champions Cup' held once the league has finished the Isle of Bute Open Singles and Open Doubles competitions and occasionally a five person team competition run during the summer months. More recently a youth tournament has been organised for the 14 to 18 years age group, this is usually played sometime between January and April.

Our league affiliated with the Scottish Pool Association (S.P.A.) for the first time in 2010 and the Isle of Bute was made a separate SPA area. Six of our players registered that year as Individual Members (IM's), followed by ten in 2011 and only three in 2012. In 2013 seven players decided to give the IM's a shot, hopefully they'll do well and inspire more players in future years.

Individual Membership normally allows for area qualifier play-off's to take place on the island, but when numbers are below the SPA's pro-rata calculation we are joined to a nearby mainland area, as happened in 2012. Qualifiers will then need to take place in that area for a place in the finals.

You can visit the SPA site for more details on this and other competitions by clicking on the link below.

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